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Property and Liability

As a Kiwanis member, you can take advantage of our property and liability insurance products that fit your lifestyle needs.

Life Insurance

If you were no longer able to take care of your loved ones, how would they get by? Trust our family to protect yours with Kiwanis Insurance and Travel Protection Program. You can give your family the financial protection they deserve and peace of mind when you’re gone.

Health and Medical

Discover Kiwanis healthcare and insurance programs for you and your family. We are committed to providing answers to your healthcare concerns and guidance on finding the right subsidies, competitive quotes and easy online enrollment for programs.

Accident & Emergency

If you fall victim to an accident or emergency away from home, the plans available through Kiwanis will provide you the medical care you need for a speedy recovery and financial security so you can have peace of mind.

ID Resolve

In today’s world, identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. If you or your spouse fall victim to identity theft what would you do? Where would you turn? With Kiwanis ID Resolve you’ll have 24-hour identity theft resolution that helps protect your money, your time and your financial reputation.


ID Resolve 360

Kiwanis ID Resolve 360 gives you a more comprehensive level of protection with important monitoring services to help you avoid falling victim to identity thieves … while still giving you solid protection if identity thieves slip through your defenses.

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Individual Term Life

Take the first step today to financial security... protecting your family. Our licensed Life Insurance specialists work with top-rated carriers to find the right policy for your needs. As salaried agents we offer free, unbiased support and zero pressure to work for you, not for commission. Life Insurance Central guides you through the process and is centered on you:

  • Family is everything. Keep your promise to your family even if something happens to you.
  • Life insurance is personal. Our job is to help you find the right policy at best possible price.
  • Trusted since 1996. We take our responsibility to each member seriously, providing exceptional, priority customer service.

Cancer Care Insurance Plan

If you find yourself battling cancer, you may want help to cover the high cost of treatment and recovery. That’s where this coverage comes in. The Kiwanis Cancer Care Insurance Plan, helps pay towards the cost of cancer – which may run into the thousands of dollars. Your current health insurance may not be enough to cover all of these costs.

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Emergency Assistance Plus®

What’s your backup plan if you’re traveling and have a medical emergency? Emergency Assistance Plus offered by Kiwanis International is there for you with more than 20 emergency and medical services to give you peace of mind whenever you travel. Never face an emergency alone with benefits such as:

  • Medical Evacuation
  • Medical Assistance
  • Assistance for Companions
  • Travel Assistance
  • And more!