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Accidental Death Coverage

Building A Stronger Safety Net

Imagine a fatal car accident on the way home from work. If it happened to you, your family may very well need extra money to help make ends meet as they rebuild their lives.

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Accidental Death Plan

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Up to $100,000.00 in Cash Benefits To Help Pay For Groceries … Car Payments … Or To Help Your Loved Ones Make Ends Meet

If you suddenly fell victim to a deadly accident, your family might very well need an even bigger financial cushion to make ends meet. That's why you're guaranteed eligibility to add $25,000.00 … $50,000.00 … or up to $100,000.00 in accident benefits.

Help protect your family from the financial impact of covered accidents in your car. At home. On the job. On vacation. When you're hunting or target shooting. Anywhere you might be. Your Kiwanis accident benefits give you a world-wide, 24-hour safety net against the financial impact of a variety of accidents.

Pays REGARDLESS OF Any Other Insurance

Your Kiwanis cash benefits are also paid REGARDLESS of any other coverage you might have through work or that you may have set up on your own

That means you can rest assured your loved ones will collect the full amount of Kiwanis cash benefits they're entitled to. It's an easy way to help make sure your family could get a fresh start — instead of worrying how they'd pay the bills — if a covered accident takes your life.



PENNIES-A-DAY RATES: Why More Kiwanis Members Choose Accident Protection

While fatal car accidents are a leading cause of death, it's important to remember that accidents can happen anywhere … at any time. But as a Kiwanis Member, you can help give your loved ones they extra money they may need in that situation … just by selecting up to $100,000.00 cash benefits … available to you for just a few cents a day.

Take a look at the monthly rates reserved for Kiwanis families:

Benefit Level $25,000.00* $50,000.00* $100,000.00*
Member Only $3.13 $5.25 $9.50
Member & Spouse $5.03 $9.05 $17.10

Costs shown are based on a monthly rate and include a $1.00 Administration Fee.

Your Payment Options: Please note: If you choose expanded coverage, you may also have the option of paying your premiums once a year (annually), twice a year (semi-annually), or four times a year (quarterly). If you pay your premiums monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, the total amount of premiums and/or administration fees you pay in a year may be higher than if you make one annual payment. If you are interested in learning more about these payment options, please refer to your fulfillment package for details.

Please note: You may also have the option of paying your premiums once a year (annually), twice a year (semi-annually), or four times a year (quarterly). If you pay your premiums monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, the total amount of premiums you pay in a year may be higher than if you make one annual payment. If you are interested in learning more about these payment options, please refer to your fulfillment package for details

Effective Date:

Your Accident coverage starts the first day of the month after your enrollment form and first premium payment are received.

Guaranteed Acceptance:

You are guaranteed acceptance as long as you are a Kiwanis Member age 74 or younger. You can't be singled out for cancellation or for a premium increase due to a change in your health or job. Your coverage will continue as long as you pay your premiums on time, you remain a Kiwanis member in good standing, and the Master Policy remains in force.* Benefits reduce 50% at age 75 and over.



How does this Accident Plan work?

Kiwanis made sure your accident coverage would stand as an important financial safety net for your family. Rest assured … your loved ones would receive the full amount they're entitled to if you fell victim to a covered accident.

Will I need to fill out a long form or get a physical from my doctor to sign up?

No. These benefits are extended to you on a guaranteed-issue basis. There is no long form with complicated health questions to worry about. No medical exam is required. Just fill out the short form on this website to activate your Kiwanis accident coverage today.

What if I don't have a perfect driving record?

That's OK. You can set up this safety net even if you've had a few accidents or speeding tickets. You are not required to submit proof of good diving record when you activate these important Kiwanis accident benefits.

Is there any way I can be turned down?

Not as a Kiwanis Member – you are GUARANTEED ACCEPTANCE in this special cash benefit program – regardless of your health history, current occupation or hobbies as long as you are age 74 or younger.



Please Read Regarding Your Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage

Exclusions: The Policy does not cover any loss that is caused by, results from, or contributed to by: suicide, attempted suicide, or
intentionally self-inflicted injury, while sane or insane (in Missouri and Colorado while sane); full-time military service; declared or
undeclared war or any act of war; participating in a riot; committing an assault or felony; sickness or its medical or surgical treatment,
including diagnosis; bacterial infection except through a wound accidentally sustained; operating or riding in any aircraft except
as a fare-paying passenger on a regularly scheduled commercial flight or as a passenger in a transport plane operated by the Air
Mobility Command (AMC) of the United States of America; alcohol intoxication as defined in the state where the accident causing
the injury occurred; taking of any drug, medication, narcotic, or hallucinogen, unless as prescribed by a Physician; taking of alcohol
in combination with any drug, medication, or sedative; voluntary gas inhalation or poison voluntarily taken, administered, or inhaled;
riding or driving as a professional in any kind of race for prize money or profit. Exclusions may vary by state. Please see your Certificate
of Insurance for details.

Other Insurance in this Company: The Covered Person may have only an aggregate of $1,000,000 of accidental death insurance in force with us or any other AEGON, U.S.A Inc. affiliate at one time.

Kiwanis Member dues or contributions are not used for this promotion, program or any other related expenses. This brochure provides a brief description of benefits available. It is not a contract. Terms and conditions of coverage are set forth in Policy numbers - Voluntary, contributory policy. No one can be covered more than once for no cost and paid coverage under this policy. Additional information is contained in the Certificate of Insurance which is issued to all persons who have purchased any expanded coverage. Premiums for the no-cost Insurance are paid by Kiwanis as a benefit of your membership. The no-cost Member coverage is effective for 12 months. This plan may not be available in all states. Availability of this offer may change.

Available through:

Offered by:
Association Group Insurance Administrators

Underwritten by:
Transamerica Premier Life Insurance Company,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Administered by:
A.G.I.A., Inc.
P.O. Box 26840, Phoenix, AZ 85068
Questions? Call toll-free 1-844-603-0567

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